Meet Mark and Samantha. They made a video, uploaded to, and you voted. They won!
These are their engagement photos.
Part of my deal with WATE’s wedding of your dreams giveaway was for me to shoot their engagement photos and wedding photos for free, and I would get a commercial. Yeah, a commercial.
But I couldn’t just do a normal local business commercial. I did this:


This video contains 963 images I took during a one hour walk through Market Square, which is where Mark and Samantha met. It continues through Krutch Park, Gay Street, and then a magical trasnsport to the Old City, where Mark proposed to Samantha.

All photographs were taken by me.

The 3 seconds of video at the end of my mug was filmed by my wonderful assistant, James Lundy. He sacrificed his lunch break last week to film that for me. Thank you James!

The photographs, text and music were all pieced together by Brian McNew at WATE. I really appreciate him taking the time to put the pieces together. Thank you Brian!

And finally, that wonderful diddy you heard in the video was written, performed and recorded by my insanely talented brother-in-law, Joey Kneiser (all from his Murfreesboro apartment, by the way.) If you haven’t checked out his music, you are really, really missing out. There’s a lot of goodies on that website that can be downloaded for free. Joey, you’re the best. Thank you!

Keep your channels turned to WATE to see the commercial! It will be airing soon!

Finally, Congratulations to Mark and Samantha. I can’t wait for the wedding, which is April 22nd, at Dara’s Garden in Knoxville.