I offer full day mentoring power houses to wedding photographers who are looking for an edge, or at least insight into how I operate Dixie Pixel. I welcomed Sabrina to my office and told her pretty much everything I know about running my business. Sometimes, something as simple as making a profit or time for your kids isn’t as easy as it sounds, and sometimes, you need an honest answer from someone who’s been there.

Mentoring is available to any photographer who:

1. Has been on business for at least a year (you have to put some effort into this on your own.)

2. And by been in business, that means a legal business entity that has paid taxes to the government at least once.

3. Has basic knowledge of the functions of a DSLR camera (this is not intro to my camera 101.)

4. Is super serious about wedding photography. SUPER serious.

There were no props. No styling. No professional models with pro hair & makeup. I showed Sabrina how to shoot in real life by providing nothing but perspective (and my awesome volunteer model, Kayla!). All the photos were taken literally right outside my office.

No workshops are in my immediate future, but one on one mentoring is always available.  Just email me:  tara@dixiepixelphoto.com and we can talk.