I am so incredibly happy to have the ability to share these images.  If you’ve been following my blog for at least 8 months, it has to be pretty hard to forget the last images I took of Tyson.  2 days before I took the first set of images, Tyson’s heart stopped, and he had a machine making his heart function.  Then about a week after I took those photos, Tyson’s heart gave out again.  He needed to be resuscitated for 30 minutes.  I’m sure I don’t have to describe how hard it was to imagine Tyson’s fate.  I told Meg, Tyson’s mother, that it was only “part one” of their photo session, and that WHEN, not IF, Tyson got better and left the hospital, we would proceed with “part two” of their session.

And here is part two.

Tyson and his parents, Justin & Meg (and all of his family) would like to say thank you to EVERYONE who has made donations (both monetary and blood) for Tyson, sent prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes, and to the huge staff of medical doctors, nurses and students at Vanderbilt who never gave up on Tyson.