I am Tara Kneiser.
You pronounced that wrong.
That’s why it’s “Dixie Pixel”.
After 18 years in the cornfields of rural Nebraska, I moved to Denver, Colorado to attend Art School.
I studied photography and soon after graduation, I met a handsome man named Brian.
He moved me to Tennessee determined to make a mother out of me.
In 2005 we welcomed our son, Boru, and in 2007, his little sister Odelia joined the family.
They’ve interrupted me about seven times since I started typing this.
I love them anyway.
We have a cat named Monster Truck, a Labradoodle named Dolly Parton Fancy and a Frenchie named Holga.
We like to let our kids name the pets.

I never wanted to be a wedding photographer,
but now I could never see myself doing anything else for a living.
I have no idea what my style is, and I hope I never settle.
I think change is great.
I love timeless images, but am just as equally moved by funny photos of cats.
I don’t like gushing, or insincere flattery.
I hate doing things just because your friends tell you that you have to.
I love folks who trust their gut.
Honest compliments are my favorite.
I’m inspired by emotion and light, but more importantly, two souls in love.
I think there is so much more to it than looking at the camera and smiling.
I sometimes squeal like a girl when I take a really awesome photo. Only sometimes.

I think good wedding photography shouldn’t look like wedding photography.
If you agree, we should talk.

Dixie Pixel has been around Oak Ridge, Tennessee (just outside of Knoxville) since 2006, but I have photographed weddings all over the United States.  If you’d like, I’ll come to you.

I’ve received a couple of awards and honors for my wedding photography:

Named Top 50 Wedding Photographer in the USA by Weddzilla.com 2014
Fearless Award 2014
Honorable Mention-Junebug 2012
Honorable Mention-Top Knots 2010

I’ve also been fortunate to have a large number of insanely awesome clients who’s photos have been featured on numerous wedding blogs and magazines, such as these:

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