2017 went by FAST.

This part is always hard. I am not a writer, and my thoughts are always scattered. I tend to focus on a lot at once.


My kids/family.

My house.

My community.

Logistics of what I need to do tomorrow.

Next week.

But, I am so fortunate that around this time every year, things slow way down. I get to relax.


I’ve decided that 2017 was a great year. While I may have totally failed at blogging, everything else seemed to go pretty well. I got to meet and work with some incredibly awesome people who I am really going to miss as their weddings are over and they’re moving on with their lives. I am too with new clients.

And so the process begins anew.

Thank you SO MUCH to Ginnie & Walter, Ricky & Katie, Stan & Kim, Brent & Melissa, Derek & Kara, Nathan & Laura, Maddie & Isaac, Adrienne & Chris, Taylor & Ashley, Amanda & Chris, George & Lauren, Samantha & Joey, Lisa & Blake, Shelby & Marko, Jacob & Emily, Cady & Micah, Kate & Jeff, Joe & Shannon, Michael & Jessie, Evan & Kaitlyn, Liv & Alex, Anniece & Blake, Andrew & Becky, Caroline & John, Kathryn & David and Hilary & Kenny. You all kept me going. You let me be a small part of a really big part of your lives. I really do love my job, and after 11 years of business (going on 12 in April 2018!) I’m still inspired to document and create, all thanks to you.

Thank you so much. Sincerely.

I hope whoever reads this has an incredible 2018.